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July 13, 2010
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Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano by Master-Cyrus Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano by Master-Cyrus
I have designed some versions of 'Clone-Wars-Jedi' armor for Ahsoka and there is the lightest one - almost fully made of clone outfit with some nuances of Jedi girl style.
In addition as you can see I tried to show sunrise atmosphere and used activated lightsaber to say that there is a whole day of action waiting for her.

And there are additional colourations. Colors of 501st Legion and Coruscant Guards for this armor.

Please fave if you download. Thanks.

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AhsokaTano0520 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
just awesome
B1G-CR1ME Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Лепота. Вот уж не подумал бы, что ей так пойдёт.
Channing606 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
RainbowDash420 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
5:15 am tattooine?
watcher25 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
holy crap i like that better than the new costume...
Nale2221 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
armored ahsoka FTW
wonin Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
StarWarsGirl101 Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
AWESOME!!! (^w^ )
StarWdude Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
The one thing I liked in season 2 of clone wars cgi series was "Cargo Of Doom",

Seeing Ahsoka in that skintight spacesuit was amazing!

After only wearing her normal small band like boobtube type top and the mini skirt!
It was great and sexy to see her in a bodysuit what showed off her full curves even her nipples were just seen through the red cloth?

The only bad part of that amazing outfit was she still had on that damn big "tie" like thing that hangs down from the middle of her belt?

That really bothered me seeing this still on her in a new sexy body suit, Becacause it covers up a area of her we normally never gt to see her "V" between her legs to be nice way of putting it?

Why have it there at all? Some may say "Oh because the show is viewed by kids so Lucas wished to not upset them by show that naughty "V" of her body?"

But childen of today watch and can it seems view & handle far more sexy stuff than they could back only a few years back as it is in all media now?

I got the boxset of the first 4 seasons of the clone wars series, and I managed to pause the view of her as she was floating in the zero g of the cargo bay when cad bane turned off the gravity and for a few seconds when Ahsoka was near R2D2 her "Tie" on the bely floated up showing her "V" of the suit, and there was just a "V" shape between her legs, no details no naughty lines etc.?

So why this silly big tie hanging over that point of her body?

I know it has the emblems of her race on it, But they could have put them on a small triangle on the middle of her belt instead and that way we could see her lower half better and the kids would not been bothered by it either seen they seen far more shown off in even the cgi series, like Aayla walking around half naked!
She a jedi master had a very full shown off big cleavage crop top on all her belly was on show too?

Ok she is a adult, and ahsoka was meant to be a young 15 year old girl at that time in the time line?

But come on, lucas had ahsoka drawn at the young age in the movie of omly 14 years old wearing that cropped boob tube which if you look you would have seen her small nipples showing through the cloth even though that colth was thick cloth not thin?

And a mini skirt, ok her legs were covered up with white leggings under that mini skirt,
But her bare belly was show too just like Aayla's?

What I am getting at is all this idea about protecting the young kids from seeing too much sexy stuff is a good idea, after all not all kids today can be advanced in their way of thinking about more adult based images? But look at the series over all and you can say lucas has made it with adults in mind more than young kids?

The amount of adult things in it are way more than on show than if it was for just young kids to watch?

Now in the newest series Ahsko is now meant to be all grown up and almost a full adult as I read on the website she now is 16 years old at least maybe 17?
So she is not the young kid of 14 from the clone wars movie!

In fact they changed her oufit to a more adult ( but more covered up ) version?
We see her in a outfit which still has the mini skirt and leggings although the leggings have triangles running down the sides showing off her light orange skin now, the cropped small boob tube have been replaced with a full top witha small cut out where any cleavage would been shown, but her boobs have not grown any bigger so no cleavage seen ther?

And even though the top is a full thin top no nipples on show now?

So what now? Lucas has shot the series down as he seems to have gone nuts and sold all the rights of lucasarts who make the shows and films to disney for a very small amount indeed when you think that just the sales of the star wars figures alone would have been worth millions worldwide? and disney have said they are to cut the 5th series down to 3/4 or even half of it's normal shows in a series and cancelled the 6th series that lucas originally wished to end them on so all the loose ends of the many stories could be tied up?

All disney wish to do is do live action films using cgi help of corse like avatar tech for the aliens etc?
No more clone wars cgi animation series on the cards, which means no me sexy Ahsoka Tano no sexy Aayla Secura or Padme in 3D animation for us to watch?

Worst still the person disney has got in to do these 5 new star wars live action films is the same twit who made the 11th star trek film, J.J. Abrams?

Who totally ruined that film for the millions of loyal trek fans myself included ( yes I like both ) he filmed it so badly and totally mucked up the timeline of the star trek universe which long tme fans did notice big time?

He is a total fool, the worst person to to be put in charge of the worlds 2nd biggest fan based club?
( star trek is the 1st only because it been around about 10 years longer and inspired inventors to invent a lot of the worlds tech like mobile phones etc? )

His filming way is to have too fast action blurred views, spinning the camera around actors or items like a mad roundabout flashing bright lights at the camera, mad camera zooming on people or items, Plus the ship was redisigned way to advanced for the time it was meant to be in? i.e. just when a young ensign kirk was starting in starfleet?

He had the the timeline ruined by destorying the planet vulcan with spocks mother still on it so she died?

When asked in a interview about his researching the history of star trek, he said he did none at all? never watched any of the tv series or the first 10 films? he just made a quick note of the basics of the story and just did it how he wished to see it totally upsetting the worlds biggest fan club by wreaking the film?

And he not only been asked to do the next 5 films of star wars, But even the 12t star trek film which is at the time of writing this due out soon ( some time on may 2013 ) now I for one will NOT be watching it or the star wars live action disney made films either?

Thanks to some short sighted morons in change of making the star trek and star wars series of films they have in affect killed off the two top long term world loved series by letting J.J. Abrams loose on them both, they have ruined any chance we fans have of enjoying them from now on?

If they had a single brain cell in their heads and was more better at choosing a really great person to make both star wars and star trek, they should have employed the master of this type of work?

the great man of sci -fi series and films "J. Michael Straczynski" of babylon 5 fame!

This man is amazing he managed to think up all of the 5 babylon tv series and the 5 films and they were amzing to watch the sub plots the interplay of stories was the most awarded and title winning sci-fi shows & films ever outside of star trek & star wars?

He is a natural at this type of thing?
They should have got him to do both star wars and star trek as he would have made them fantasic, better than than anyone else could?

But there we are folks kiss goodbye to the world two top sci-fi series?
Explorer15 Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
ahsoka is so awesome ;P
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