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Wild Force Unknown Quantities - Complete Set by Master-Cyrus
Wild Force Unknown Quantities - Complete Set
With the last 6-th character this set of 'Unknown Quantities' is now complete.

1. Cyrus. Jedi Knight. His suit is in standart mode here instead of 'checking all systems' mode in solo picture. Cyrus - Wild Force Unknown Quantities.
2.3. Exo and Bic. ARC-trooper swordsman with 'accidentally' intelligent commando droid as his companion. Exo and Bic - Wild Force Unknown Quantities.
4. CutoutAbsolutely unknown quantitie in this characters group. He's neither clone nor droid nor some mutated colonist-survivor. Nobody knows who he is, where did he come from or what does he want. He's just another local urban legend, little bit more real than others. And here you can see how he's remaining unnoticeable. Also that's his third redesign: AssassinWild Force Poster.
Scout. Clones corrupted by the Wild Force and its main weapon of terror. Powerful Force zombies. Scouts - Wild Force Unknown Quantities.
Warlock. Undercover Spec Ops ARC-trooper. Warlock - Wild Force Unknown Quantities.

You can try it with the previous set Clone Stalker Forces of Ferocys.
Warlock - Wild Force Unknown Quantities by Master-Cyrus
Warlock - Wild Force Unknown Quantities
The 5-th from the 'Unknown Quantities' character group (1. Cyrus - Wild Force Unknown Quantities, 2. 3. Exo and Bic - Wild Force Unknown Quantities, 4. Scouts - Wild Force Unknown Quantities, and previous group of Regular Clone Stalker Forces of Ferocys).

One of the most experienced ARC-troopers on 
Ferocys, if not the most. But his experience also made him one of the darkest and mysterious persons of all clones. In fact, assignment to local ARC program wasn't his main mission but only a cover for his main speciality. He is a member of special research unit with the authority of Covert Ops and special planetary forces (like Coruscant shocktroopers or Kamino security) which also has free access to all Kamino medical data and equipment and reports directly to the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. In short, he's tracking down deserted clone troopers but with prosecuting inquiries, testing all possible psychologic, medical and genetic causes and experiments of artificial inoculation of loyalty. Maybe at fisrt as an ARC with a free will he had some uncertainty about this kind of job but later he accepted his destiny and became well-known for his appearance and methods.

Warlock was pretty confused when he realized that after his previous targets - simple deserters - now he will work with something like scouts ( They haven't deserted intentionaly, there weren't initially some defects in their DNA, now they don't even look or act like human. Warlock was surprised that now he's dealing with the Force, but the Force was so strong there, it became obvious and noticeable to analyze it without attention or meddling of the Jedi, so as his secret mission had higher priorities than orders of the Jedi general. For Ferocys he didn't change previous armor markings but just added some details to fit Triple Arrow cover and the situation on the planet. Even more, on Ferocys he got freedom to realize his scientific talents. His appearance additionally accumulate many things of his current researches. He's testing various devices, much from special Kaminoan accesories, for example brainwave probes used in helmets during Kamino education or injections of neuromediators to increase brain activity for resisting pernicious psy-influence of the Force storms and the Force itself. That would be valuable for every trooper but ironically he has chosen for his main mission the way of Ranger (which at first sight is pretty close to deserter as for the deserters' prosecutor, don't you think?).

At some point after arriving Warlock worked in pair with Shade . They were the only Triple Arrow unit of two ARC-troopers and wont have proto-companions later. They studied the habits of scouts together for easier neutralization but after some time Shade will notice that Warlock has much different, cruel interest in scouts instead of her compassion and wish for 'freeing the souls' of her former brothers and securing the lives of non-corrupted ones. They parted and became lone hunters but Warlock went far and became a Ranger to avoid more unnecessary attention or blame for his unofficial experiments on living beings.

One of his last main discoveries was that during the chaotic Force storms the connection between scouts and the Wild Force is very weak. He was thinking about the possibility of taking force-using scouts from Ferocys, partly restoring their erased mind with personality matrix and rebending to Forceuser's will instead of the will of Wild Force. After this thoughts he became the first one to suspect the Jedi Order in creating this whole planet-wide mind-controling experiment. In this way reporting to Chancellor felt like twice a good idea, Warlock just didn't get how Chancellor will use scouts without the Jedi if those suspicions are true though, but we all actually know about Palpatine, right? He will find a way. As for me, I think Warlock is like the first ideological pre-Empire stormtrooper.

For shocking and neutralizing scouts he's using electrostaff taken from one of IG-1000 saboteurs.

PS Next time you will see the whole 6-characters piece with the last character is so 'unknown' I don't even know what to tell.
Scouts - Wild Force Unknown Quantities by Master-Cyrus
Scouts - Wild Force Unknown Quantities
The 4-th and the most unusual from the 'Unknown Quantities' character group (1. Cyrus - Wild Force Unknown Quantities, 2. 3. Exo and Bic - Wild Force Unknown Quantities, 5. Warlock - Wild Force Unknown Quantities). Unusual because actually that's not a character but rather natural phenomenon or even natural disaster. 'Walking horror', 'corrupted souls', 'Wild Force hounds', 'lost brothers', 'clone berserks' - they are carriers of the planet's wildness. They are not some another infected walking dead-s but literally zombies - the Force zombies.

Scouts are pure conductors of the Wild Force to the material world. Jedi called them the antibodies of the planet Ferocys. The Wild Force gave them various abilities even in spite of the fact that their midichlorians count is far from the Jedi level, or at least it was so at the moment of corruption. They were the clone troopers who were supposed to fight the Confederacy for the strategic objects of that quarantined planet, the first men on its forbidden surface accidentally got right into the mysterious powerful Force storm. Later this failed operation will be called the First wave and officially classified with all scout troopers announced to be deceased. However, they have survived but changed.

Concentrated Force flow out through their midichlorians under huge pressure like river through the holes in the dam. And the dams that were destroyed in process were their unprepared minds. Later the Force started mutating their bodies and maybe even increased their midichlorians count, gradually providing them with more powers, so every second they're becoming wilder and stronger. At this moment scouts can already use various standard telekinesis abilities like jump, push, Force speed, they're also covering their limbs with telekinetic shields as a reinforcement for their fast powerful strikes, and of course they initially have constant Force sense and foresight which is working for all beings compelled to the Wild Force planetary network. More than that, they are something like walking Force anomalies itself - the Force flow through them and lie heavier on everyone's mind around them. That's some kind of indirect mindtrick, but under scout's Force and combat pressure this 'trick' easily results in corrupting it's worn-out victim into the new 'scout'. So there are not only original 'scouts', corrupted clones of the First wave, the ones that are in scout armor like presented here, but also scouts of the new generation, 'neoscouts' - corrupted clones from newly arrived ARC-troopers and proto-troopers - the victims of the original scouts or those who haven't endured the psy-pressure of the Force storms. NeoScouts are weaker and slower, they don't have much of Force abilities from the beginning   but it's much harder to recognize them and much easier to let them come close, because they haven't already lost much of their skills (like carrying weapons) and their armor is still intact. Original scouts also have some of their former skills left: of course they lost a lot of sticked out armor parts and 'they aren't concerned about their look' (as Neuro said when first saw them without knowing yet who or what they are ), but even if they act more like beasts now, they still remember a bit about the purpose of body armor (maybe because of their instinct-level clone trainings).

Usually scouts are hunting troopers exactly to compel them, and much rarer - for food. The Force supports their health, furthermore those rare meals are their exact genetic copy which is the most nourishing food. As Captain Thunder likes to introduce them to the newcomers: Jedi can have their theories about the Force stuff, but scouts must be so strong because they are the only clones on this planet to have good meals and those meals - the clonic cannibalism - are the most nutrient of all possible.

Appearance of classic scouts also defines the dresscode for all current Ferocys forces: proto- and ARC-troopes do not use scout helmets and the similar types of helmets. That's because scouts instill terror into the minds of Ferocys troopers who have once felt their presence (not to speak of meeting one face-to-face, learn their abilities in battle and survive). And during the Force storms - when the psychological pressure is hardly endurable, when you can hardly save your consciousness and can't think clearly at all - nobody know what can you do instinctively, being on the edge, when you will see someone near you, even if that's your companion, who is wearing the helmet resembling your most fearful enemy. You just no longer remember that he is your companion and can kill because of animal fear.

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